26 January 2018 @ 01:31 am
not all of us were born to be soft )
06 August 2017 @ 12:36 pm
hey everybody, as a lot of you know: my dog is batshit. he's so batshit he needs a hard reset. he's got a sad anime backstory which, also, i think most of you are aware of. i'm going to skip it and get right to the point: my dog, balto, tried to kill my other dog, his bro from another mo, last week, and then tried to kill me. in order to prevent this from getting any worse, he's gotta see a specialist super versed in fear aggressive dogs. the only problem is that i can't entirely afford it at the moment, and it's a thing that has to happen sooner rather than later. here are a few things i'm selling to mitigate the cost.
because of how soon the money's needed, i can't hold anything for anybody. willing to haggle just a bit as well.
12inch Meow plush, $13

appx 8inch Sailor Moon & Mars plushies. Got them in 1999-something, not sure what they're worth or were worth. $6 each sounds good to me.
10inch Chopper Plush, $14

Luna beanie, $10

^same product, just stolen from the internet with less sun glare for a better idea of what it looks like

Alpaca Kotetsu $20

DOGS Volumes 1-6, $4 each.

Wolf's Rain volume 1, $5 (disclaimer: LIZ THIS IS NOT THE COPY YOU SENT ME, THIS IS A DUPLICATE)

Devil Survivor Volume 1, $8

Persona 4: Arena. Comes w/ original case and booklet. $20

Fire Emblem Fates: Conquest: $30

Free Iwatobi Keychains, $4-6 each.

Haruka Nanase Keychain: $3

Kuroko no Basuke: Kagami Taiga keychain, $3


Kuroo Tetsurou figure, appx 8in: $25

Kotetsu Kaburagi figure, appx 7in: $20

Barnaby Brooks Jr, appx 7in: $15

Kaworu figure, 6in: $12
24 November 2015 @ 07:54 pm

it's that time'a year again! or i might be slightly early. the turkeys are still freshly slewn and no one's been trampled to death at target just yet, but who doesn't like a head start? i love head starts, so let's move onto the point. 
i'm doing christmas cards again this year! this year's haul will go towards american vet dogs, which means by providing me with your address, you'll be benefitting servicemen and women across america! these dogs will act as an aid for people with PTSD, people who've lost hearing or sight and other physical disabilities -- guide dogs in general. more recently they've expanded to assist k9 units (search and rescue, emts, so on and so forth) so in short, you'll be doing a good thing and you should feel good for doing it.
all comments will be screened, of course, and i have no intention of broadcasting anyone's priv info. just good feelings here ok?? ok. thank ye ladies n gents.

*note: even if i have your address from year's past, plz repost ya stuff here. it's hard to keep track of who's moving where and obviously if you HAVE MOVED since december of last yr i probably don't have your address because i tend to not try to stalk people on the fly. SO PLEASE DO IT. EVEN IF YOU'RE STILL IN THE SAME PLACE THAT YOU WERE BORN THANK YOU.